Challenger Sails Ikaroz V1 wing 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m.


Challenger Sails’ Ikaroz wing is all you need for wing foiling fun!

Wing foiling (or wingsurfing if you will) is THE buzz word on the lips of watersports nuts currently – especially those wind affected types. Offering an easy mode of propulsion, with promise of getting riders going the merest sniff of breeze (it’s a little more technical to get to that point – but doable) and effortless wave glides when on foil, plus the boosting potential, wingsurfing isn’t going away any time soon. Rather than rebel against it, and sound the horn for windsurfing’s one true path, Challenger Sails have taken the ‘bull’ and given it their own ‘horns’. Enter the Ikaroz V1 wing which is poised to have you flying above water in no time.

Rather than compete with windsurfing winging is seen as complimentary by us. Which means there’s room in your quiver for fin and foil riding, that way maximising your time on the water whatever the conditions. The Ikaroz wing is an all round design aimed at all comers. As such it’s a very usable source of power that riders of all styles will appreciate.

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The Ikaroz has a low aspect and compact profile. With wings tips drawn in to avoid water strike it’s a wing that inspires when moving through moves – whether that be gybes, tacking or new school aerial freestyle. Rotations are effortless with the Ikaroz’s canopy remaining rigid throughout.

Pre-loaded canopy tension increases efficiency – particularly when pumping to get going. During flagging, when riding waves, the Ikaroz sits in a well behaved manner and allows riders to focus on the job in hand. 

The front leading edge and middle strut are oversized and allow 8PSI air pressure in the 5m for instance. This also aids overall wing tension which, again, knocks on to efficiency. This is how experienced foilers can get away with one (or more) size less relative to the overall wind strength. After all, who doesn’t like to be using smaller kit?

The aforementioned LE diameter gives the Ikaroz a deep draft up front which allows plenty of power to be drawn from gusts. The forwards sitting power window then serves to drive riders forward and get you on foil quick smart. For anyone learning this is a great performance trait as it makes the art of flying less hassle. Experienced wingers will be able to make use of the power/drive by pumping easier but for less time. 

Hand holds are super comfy with the Ikaroz’s rigid twin handles affixed to the middle strut – also featured an oversized diameter to further aid canopy and overall wing rigidity. The carbon handles are locked in place with double nuts to reduce failure. And there’s ample room across each handle for multiple holds that’ll accommodate all moves and tastes. 

The Ikaroz is superbly bombproof and extremely tough built. It’ll take a drubbing in the waves and put up with a degree of abuse from those less than careful on land (although you should still keep it away from abrasive surfaces and sharp areas). 

For any wing foilier looking at new and different wings the Challenger Sails Ikaroz could fit the bill. It’s not a ‘sheep’ product as with other wings and will therefore be a stand out talking point at the beach. Slippery through the air, rapid, surfy, boosty, freeridey and easy; all the things most wingsurfers want when in the market for a new wing. What’s not to like?

Challenger Sails’ Ikaroz wingsurfing wing comes in the following sizes (we’ve also listed suggested wind strengths for each sized based on average weight riders) – 

  • 3.0m: 22-35 knots.
  • 4.0m: 18-30 knots.
  • 5.0m: 15-25 knots.
  • 6.0m: 8-20 knots.

All Challenger Sails Ikaroz wings come with a high pressure valve, backpack carry bag, wrist leash and repair kit. Pump NOT included. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about this or other Challenger Sails products.

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3m, 4m, 5m, 6m