Challenger Sails Fluido T3 slalom windsurfing sails.


Challenger Sails Fluido T3 slalom windsurfing sails are many riders’ favourite. Super stable, light in the hands with improved batten rotation that see the sail pop effortlessly after every gybe.

Challenger’s Fluido T3 is a three cam, seven batten sail that combines freeride and freerace performance. For most riders the Fluido T3 is their favourite slalom windsurfing sail. Mainly because of how fast and efficient it is! And because of the Fluido T3’s ability for speed it’s been registered for PWA usage in 2023.

Gybing with the Fluido T3 offers the least amount of effort. The rotation is extremely fulfilling with the sail popping around the mast without issue. And the swing weight of sail has been reduced which makes using the Fluido T3 even more fun.

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The Fluido T3 is primarily designed with lighter sailors in mind. Here at Challenger we want all windsurfers to enjoy the benefit of ultimate freerace performance. With heavier sails riders need to be built bigger to maximise their potential. The Fluido T3 does away with this weight and gives lighter windsurfers the ability to fly down race course or zap about locals with lightning quick vroom!

To further reduce weight the Fluid T3’s mast sleeve has been reduced which affects the sail’s performance, positively, in all areas. Ultimately the Challenger Sails Fluido T3 is ultimately super fast, extremely efficient, lightweight and built for maximum fun.

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Weight 9 kg

5.4m, 6.2m, 7m, 7.8m, 8.5m, 9.2