Here at Challenger Sails UK we supply the very best windsurfing sails and wingsurfing wings. Designed and conceived in Italy Challenger Sails and wings are geared for utmost performance that every rider can make use of. Claudio Badiali’s renowned sail shaping techniques have ensured Challenger Sails were the winning sail brand, taking home the PWA Slalom Championship trophy in 2022, with Maciek Rutkowski the pilot. If you want your own high quality windsurfing sails, or wings, then you’ve come to the right place.

Windfoiling chat with Challenger Sails Force One & Bad 2.

Windfoiling requires a specific sail design and two popular choices within the Challenger Sails lineup are the Force One and Bad 2. Both have very distinct performance traits but have both been conceived with ease of use, speed and stability in mind.

In this video, Claudio Badiali – Challenger’s head designer – talks a little about windfoiling and the two sails. If you’re looking at either of these this clip with give you a little more insight into what they can do.

For more info head over to the Challenger Sails UK webshop where you’ll find the Force One and Bad 2, plus lots more!