Challenger Sails Force One windfoil sail.


Coming from the same stable as the Challenger Sails Fluido T3 the Force One is a semi-competitive sail designed for windfoiling. It’s essentially a less competitive version of the super successful Aero.

A sail with superb profile stability, the Force One delivers immediate acceleration and tip top speed that’s almost equal to the Aero Foil. If you want to go fast on your foil then the Force One is definitely a sail to look at. It’s certainly no freefoil sail which was proved when being put through its paces during the One Hour Classic at Lake Garda.

Young Gun Tom Pringuer (pictured in the gallery) also put this sail to good use during his Easter 2023 trip to Garda.

You can also use the Force One in standard windsurfing mode if you must.

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If you’re windfoil racing then you’ll be first and flying and to the first gybe mark quicker than your rivals. Leaving them for dust is pretty much the name of the game with the Challenger Sails Force One.

Don’t be fooled, however, as there’s additional versatility built into the Force One. It’ll work perfectly well as a slalom windsurf sail. And that certainly gives way more bang for buck for all riders. And of course, Challenger’s great aesthetics make it one for all quivers!

Additional information

Weight 9 kg

5m, 6m, 7m, 8m