Here at Challenger Sails UK we supply the very best windsurfing sails and wingsurfing wings. Designed and conceived in Italy Challenger Sails and wings are geared for utmost performance that every rider can make use of. Claudio Badiali’s renowned sail shaping techniques have ensured Challenger Sails were the winning sail brand, taking home the PWA Slalom Championship trophy in 2022, with Maciek Rutkowski the pilot. If you want your own high quality windsurfing sails, or wings, then you’ve come to the right place.

Kiddy windsurfing – with Challenger Sails Pro Kids sails.

Kiddy windsurfing is the future. With new blood coming into the sport the imminent years will keep burning bright. One downfall with kiddy windsurfing in the past has always been the kit used. Often hand me downs it’s usually too big, cumbersome and possibly heavy – especially when it comes to sails.

In recent years there’s been more focus given to kiddy windsurfing and your offspring using better equipment. Once those initial windsurfing skills have been learned (most likely using a small beginner sail) it’s time to get them using something better.

The Challenger Sails Pro Kids 3.1m sail in the flesh.

The Challenger Sails Pro Kids range of sails has been designed with a lover boom cut out, lower clew and lower centre of effort. This makes these sails easier to handle for smaller riders. Not scrimping in manufacturing quality the materials used in the Pro Kids range is then as high end as you find with adult windsurfing sails.

Blasting happy with the Challenger Sails Pro Kids sail.

Your kids deserve the best windsurfing equipment you can get hold of, otherwise there’s risk of losing them. And that’d be a shame. With a Pro Kids sail there’ll be all smiles, no doubt. The added advantage of owning one (or quiver) is they’ll last for years due to their bomb proof nature. That’s cost effectiveness if ever there was.

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