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Wing foiling choices – which Ikaroz wing do I need?

Wing foiling gives riders the opportunity to reduce their kit significantly. Those who want, or consider themselves to need, a quiver can certainly go that route. But for many foilers two wings will often suffice. In some cases, you may get away with just one. So which size Challenger Sails Ikaroz wing should you choose?

Wing foiling beginnings.

As a beginner wing foiler, you need power. You also need wind. Many newbie wingers start by trying to ride in too light a breeze. When actually a solid 18-20 knots will serve you much better.

The right wing size in the beginning will serve you well.

In this wind strength (with the right foil – something with around 2000cm2 surface area) and the right board (between 120L-160L depending on your weight, general conditions and experience) a 6m wing should be your go to. Be under no illusion that as a beginner you won’t have dialled in those subtle nuances of the foil. And you can’t do this NOT foiling. So go bigger! A 6m Ikaroz wing will serve you up to about 25 knots. And as you get better it’ll be your go to size (most likely) in 12-15 knots.

Intermediate wing foiling antics.

As you acquire those winging skills (particularly foil skills – as winging is ALL about the foil) you’ll be able to drop a wing size given the wind strength.

For instance, where you were once using a 6m in 20 knots suddenly you’ll find you’re able to fly with a 5m in the same breeze. You may have also discovered the ability to ride smaller board and foils with the aforementioned smaller wing too. We’d suggest not getting rid of your bigger 6m wing just yet as that’ll help on those lighter air days.

Advanced wing foiling.

As you head towards the advanced stages of winging, where you’re comfortably gybing, tacking (all on foil) and using more high performance gear a 5m may still be your go to wing size. We know a few high level riders who can make their 5m’s go in 12 knots. It’ll then hold on until you’re right up into the 20 knot bracket.

Advanced wingers may want a quiver of sizes.

Wing foilers with skills will probably have additional wings in their quiver. But it is possible to just get away with one size. Particularly if you have a coup of foils to swap between. A common quiver range for wingers is often 6m and 4m. But you could go 5m and 3m Ikaroz too. it just depends on your wants and needs.

Discipline specific.

One beyond the beginner and intermediate stages you may find leaning towards specific type of wing riding. Racing, for instance, is gaining traction in the UK. So you could require something for lighter airs as well a strong. It’s not uncommon to have a 6m, 5m and 4m in this instance.

Freestyle wingsurfing requires smaller, more manoeuvrable wings.

Wave wingers tend to favour the mid sized Ikaroz wings as a 5m and 4m give the best balance between balanced flagging and low end power to actually get foiling.

Freestyle riders love the smaller, more manoeuvrable Ikaroz wings, although still may have a bigger size for those slack days. Whilst riders wanting something for stormier wing foiling conditions will add a 3m. Smaller riders will also include this size too.

The bottom line.

The bottom line with wing foiling is Challenger Sails Ikaroz wings have huge wind ranges. Hence why you could potentially get away with just one size if chosen correctly. Two is more common though.

You may be able to get away with just one size of Ikaroz wing.

Beginners and early intermediates need to go bigger whilst those with more skill should pick their Ikaroz wing(s) to match their other foiling gear, the style of riding they mainly indulge in and what their local’s general conditions are like.

If you need to discuss anything to do with Challenger Sails Ikaroz wings then get in touch. Alternatively, head over to the Ikaroz wing page in our webshop for more info here.