Here at Challenger Sails UK we supply the very best windsurfing sails and wingsurfing wings. Designed and conceived in Italy Challenger Sails and wings are geared for utmost performance that every rider can make use of. Claudio Badiali’s renowned sail shaping techniques have ensured Challenger Sails were the winning sail brand, taking home the PWA Slalom Championship trophy in 2022, with Maciek Rutkowski the pilot. If you want your own high quality windsurfing sails, or wings, then you’ve come to the right place.

Claudio Badiali – the brains behind Challenger Sails.

Claudio Badili has a lifetime of sail design, making and providing the utmost quality and performance products to riders all around the world. From humble beginnings creating dinghy racing sails to getting involved in windsurf sail production and of late windsurfing wings Claudio’s knowledge and expertise is always in high demand.

It’s no wonder Challenger Sails, under the pilotage of pro windsurfer Maciek Rutkowski, is on the advance to claim PWA podiums and the overall slalom trophy for 2023. Having won the PWA Slalom title outright in 2022 the race is on (literally) to nail down the next one. And so far we’re off to a great start with Maciek taking the PWA Torbole event win and Will McMillan coming in third.

Claudio with one of the next generation of windsurfers, Tom Pringuer.

But what does it take to win events like this? What does it take to have the world’s best windsurfers beating down your door for championship winning sails? And what does it take to keep your eye on the ball and deliver quality products to the everyday windsurfing sailor?

If you’ve only just discovered Challenger Sails then check the video above which gives some insight to Claudio’s work and the ‘Bad’ ethic. And if you want to own your own championship winning windsurfing sails and wingsurf wings head over to the Challenger Sails Uk shop here.