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Windsurfing road trip! Grab your windsurf mates and get gone…

Windsurfing is about much more than windsurfing alone. Sharing your experiences is a great way to keep the windsurfing stoke alive and well. Some of us do sail alone but when you have ‘the crew’ in tow those energy levels rise and things can escalate (in a good way!).

Getting away on a windsurfing road trip for a spot of this is priceless.

Sometimes the inspiration gleaned from your fellow riders can be enough to push you over that plateau and stomp that move you’ve been gunning for. Alternatively, you may just get the shove you need to sail that spot which has been radar-ing for a while. Whatever the reasons for gathering your chosen sailors together a windsurfing road trip will add the cherry on top and provide further motivation to hook up.

Why else organise a windsurfing road trip?

Windsurfing at your local is all well and good. You know the conditions, have all the info needed to make the decision of when to go and can sail this stretch as you would wear a pair of comfy slippers. But therein can lie the problem. You may have gotten into a pattern. Your windsurf sessions have possibly become samey.

Are you finding the same old a bit dull with your windsurfing? Time to get gone if so!

Dare we say it your riding is getting stale? And nobody wants that! Windsurfing should be exciting reinvigorating and frothing. We appreciate not every session will be all time but leaving the water post-windsurf there should be that familiar feeling of stoke and euphoria. If not, it’s time to do something about the situation.

Road trips can reignite the flame. They can serve to ramp the adrenaline back up and get you amped for more. Plus, the camaraderie and reconnection with mates is tangible. These times we live in see daily chores and responsibilities (adulthood!) take over, often our friendships suffering. Leaving all that at that door for a windsurfing road trip will see the good times return. And that’s brain food! Much needed brain food that can help massively without mental health state (whether you think you need this or not).

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Windsurfing travel = food for the soul!

Planning your trip.

The first thing to realise with any windsurfing road trip is it doesn’t need to be a multiple day affair. It doesn’t even need to that far away. A trundle along the coast to a different spot a few miles away, for a few hours, can often be enough. As let’s be honest, with the aforementioned ‘adulthood’ in the mix not everyone’s at liberty to steal more than a small chunk of time anyway.

‘Time’ is the magic word when considering a windsurfing trip. The first thing is to determine just how much of it you have. The other pieces of the puzzle will then fall into place. If your group is short on time have a gander at a map (Google’s great for this) and work out what location’s feasible within easy striking distance.

You will need to put some time into planning your windsurfing road trip.

Next up is considering who you want along for the ride. This could potentially be tricky if the group’s windsurfing skill levels vary massively. It’s no good inviting a fledgling sailor along if your plan is to mainline a wave spot. Likewise, hardcore surf heads may not fancy flat water nirvana (although chances are the latter will be content regardless). Seasonality will also play its part. Winter road trips will require experience – unless it’s looking particularly fair weather. Summer is best should you fancy a family style windsurfing road trip.

A big point to consider is forecast. We all know living and windsurfing in the UK leaves us at the mercy of Mother Nature’s moods. Even the most guaranteed predictions can often fall flat. It’s therefore best to choose a window of opportunity that looks (as much as can be) bang on the money for wind. If it’s waves you’re also after then this complicates things a tad. But it’s all still doable. 

Trying to line your trip up with a forecast is a good idea (if a little frustrating).

Somebody (probably you if the road trip idea is yours) will need to take charge of organising. It’ll be your responsibility to call the date, time and location (with input from the group) and then green light the whole thing. You’ll probably also need to be the one providing motivation for chivvying along the stragglers – there are always some! Equally, be mindful not everyone can commit until the eleventh hour so don’t get stressed about it. Once all the T’s have been crossed it’s then on!

Multi-day windsurfing road trips.

For those thinking of multiple days chasing wind it might be worth adding another reason to the mix. This can give additional motivation for anyone thinking of coming along. For instance, making use of one of the many pro coaching clinics that happen each year could be a winner. There’s nothing like enjoying a windsurfing break whilst gleaning a load of essential information and knowledge whilst improving your riding in tandem.

There’s nothing quite like heading off on your travels for a spot of this!

Maybe one of the UK windsurfing events could be a reason to get a group of likeminded individuals together. Weymouth Speed Week is an absolute cracker that Challenger Sails UK’s Andy and Eddie regularly attend. There’s always a load of craic and banter at the event with plenty of on water action for good measure.


Other comps, gatherings and festivals happen throughout the year too – not just windsurfing specific. It might just be, however,

that a festival for one thing actually lends itself to some windsurfing shenanigans because of the location. In which case, winner!

Overseas road trips.

When we say ‘road trips’ the term could loosely be applied to an overseas windsurfing sojourn. There’s no question flying with windsurfing kit is much trickier than it used to. Although there are still some airlines that’ll cart your kit for a reasonable fee. If that’s not an option then booking into a windsurf centre where all the toys are stored may be preferable.

An overseas road trip at a windsurfing resort, with facilities, can work well.

The Canary Islands aren’t too far. Tenerife is a well frequented spot that caters for a wide range of windsurfing abilities. Fuerte and Lanza also offer the option but are a tad more hardcore (mostly). If it’s summer then those many Med locations open up with money saving deals to be had outside of high season. France is an option with the famed Wissant being just across the English Channel and a short drive from Calais.

Further down on the west coast you’ll find the gem of La Tranche sur Mer which benefits from a microclimate and regular summer afternoon thermal. 

The locations mentioned above are just a smattering of what’s available for a group windsurfing road trip. There are many more depending on what you’re after and the time of year.

There’s plenty of choice of where to go, at home or away.

Ultimately road trips and windsurfing go together like cheese and pickle. Travelling to sail and discover new venues is part of what the windsurfing lifestyle is all about.

If you’re looking to spice up your windsurfing again, experience new things and reconnect with old mates maybe it’s time to get gone!

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