Here at Challenger Sails UK we supply the very best windsurfing sails and wingsurfing wings. Designed and conceived in Italy Challenger Sails and wings are geared for utmost performance that every rider can make use of. Claudio Badiali’s renowned sail shaping techniques have ensured Challenger Sails were the winning sail brand, taking home the PWA Slalom Championship trophy in 2022, with Maciek Rutkowski the pilot. If you want your own high quality windsurfing sails, or wings, then you’ve come to the right place.

Challenger Sails UK ex demo sails now available.

Challenger Sails UK is well aware that not every windsurfer is in a position to buy new gear. We already have a load of 2022 new Challenger Sails on offer. You could get yourself a decent quiver of sails for a very affordable price. To see those offers hit this link.

To further help riders not able to buy new windsurfing sails we now have a whole bunch of ex demo, used quality sails available. This, again, is designed to help all windsurfers afford some of the best sails on the market. But not hurt your wallet.

All Challenger Sails UK ex demo windsurf sails are in great condition but for a fraction of new the cost of new gear. Our list is a revolving, fluid and evolving one whereby kit gets moved on and updated quickly. If you’re after ex demo/used Challenger Sails equipment we’d urge you to contact us to check what’s available and prices. You can do that by emailing [email protected] Likewise, if you have any questions about any of Challenger Sails’ gear get in touch.