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Windfoiling, windsurfing and wingsurfing Lake Garda – with Tom Pringuer.

Windfoiling, windsurfing and wingsurfing in Lake Garda during Easter 2023 sounds like an idyllic way to spend your school holidays. Well, that’s exactly what young gun Tom Pringuer and family have just done.

Youth Techno 293 Champs 2023.

There for the Youth Techno 293 Euro Champs, Torbole, Tom spent much of his time not competing either out windfoiling or windsurfing. Putting Challenger sails and wings to good use the visible red could be seen zipping across the horizon, piloted by Tom, at any given opportunity.

By all accounts dad Mike managed to score some wing foiling time as well. And set to the backdrop of the awesome mountains surrounding Lake Garda.

Back in Blighty.

Now back in Blighty, Tom’s looking forward to more training and fun times afloat windsurfing, windfoiling and windsurfing. You can bet he’ll be out quick as a flash once he’s got the chance.

And again, Tom’s dad and mum for that matter!

Check out Tom’s highlight gallery above as well as some footage from the event. Then head over to the Challenger Sails UK webshop where you’ll find windy toys to keep you amused.

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